Project Project
Customer: IAHCSMM
Project: Prometric Data Exchange System
Type: Windows Application

Project Business Problem
The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Management (IAHCSMM) organization is the premier association for healthcare professionals in central service/material management. As a part of their organized educational membership services, they facilitate independent testing, through Prometric. Over time, Prometric data transfer requirements and techniques changed substantially. The IAHCSMM required substantial modifications and upgrades to retain their electronic relationship with Prometric. Additionally, the process by which data was extracted, transferred, received, and updated was complex, requiring substantial expertise by the user. This process needed to be simplified.

Solution Solution
ASI reviewed updated Prometric requirements and made the necessary changes to bring the IAHCSMM system into compliance. Substantial changes were also made to simplify the data transfer process. Through the course development, ASI redesigned and replaced IAHCSMM’s Member Management area.
Results Results
ASI streamlined and simplified the data transfer process while bringing the system into compliance with Prometric requirements. The upgrade substantially reduced the time and experience required for IAHCSMM transmissions. Additionally, the upgraded Member screens are simpler, faster, and more effective.

Tools: Microsoft Access

Feedback Customer Feedback
Jeff Warren, IAHCSMM Analyst

"Although we've requested the seemingly impossible, Noel and the staff of ASI have continually met and surpassed our expectations. Computer programming can be a frustrating event for those with little or no experience, but the staff of ASI has always been patient and thorough with their explanations and executions of plans."