Project Project
Customer: Pine Noel Resort
Project: Administration System
Type: Windows Application

Project Business Problem
Pine Noel had an obsolete web-based administration system that required an upgrade. With the upgrade, additional requirements were introduced to support changes in Pine Noel policies. A new pricing and scheduling model was required. Additionally, members wanted to be able to generate their own financial reports. Finally, additional and improved information was required for display on the resort’s website.

Solution Solution
ASI moved the Pine Noel database to the cloud, using a secure and inexpensive Microsoft Azure SQL database. The website was upgraded to display current cabin information and availability, including the new features required. A Windows-based system was deployed to provide an improved ability to manage reservations, payments, and customer notices (via email).
Results Results
The system now reflects the new pricing model and additionally provides a great deal of flexibility for the system administrator. It’s simple and easy to use, and provides excellent search and reservation information for its members. The system is secured so that administrators have full permissions while member guests can retrieve required information, without having inappropriate access. Visitors to the site enjoy an improved look with better information.

Tools: Microsoft Azure SQL

Feedback Customer Feedback
Tom Conrad, Manager

"I have found the newly written Administration program to be very efficient, and easy to use. Recently, I have discovered that I can edit various data to update the program and make it even more user friendly. The ability to have the statements include all kinds of useful information in the way of notes is a big plus in communication important issues to guests. The details that can be included, help me explain previously complicated billing items, and now is easily understood by all. Also, we have the ability to generate reports that are helpful in tax, and income related data, and that will help all Resort owners to comply with quarterly tax returns. All and All, I really like working with this program, and continue to learn the additional functionality it has to offer as I use it in an ongoing basis."