Project Project
Customer: HMC Products, Inc.
Project: Parts Management System
Type: Web System

Project Business Problem
HMC specializes in creating packaging machines, engineered and built for continuous, trouble-free production. Their corporate website provides information about their products and services, and offers an on-line ordering system. HMC’s existing website was in need of a visual enhancement, and had a color scheme that required updating. Additionally, the standalone on-line parts ordering system was inefficient, as system maintenance had also become an issue. HMC had developed a need for the ability to maintain their customer accounts, orders, drawings and parts without future developer support and related costs.

Solution Solution
According to HMC’s requirements and feedback, ASI reworked the current website, ensuring excellent readability and style. Additionally, ASI identified and corrected the deficiencies in the current parts ordering subsystem, resulting in an ASP.NET and SQL Server solution. Now, when a customer is logged into the parts ordering system, they can view diagrams of specific parts, and select parts from an order form and searchable historical data for all customer orders. HMC’s administrative staff can now self-maintain accounts for orders and parts management, including adding, editing, or deleting customer accounts, orders, drawings and parts.
Results Results
In addition to providing greater reliability and control for HMC, the website upgrade was also essential, as color and style selection are important factors in a company’s web image. The on-line parts system upgrade provided improved efficiency and accuracy and allowed HMC greater control over their system, in addition to improving customer resources and providing a substantial decrease in phone-based orders.

Tools: ASP.NET, SQL Server

Feedback Customer Feedback
Angela Dalton

"HMC Products is very pleased with the new website Ablesoft Solutions developed. The entire staff was very professional and answered all questions and concerns we had during the entire development process. The new online ordering system ASI developed is user friendly. Plus we can manage the site on our own. I would recommend Ablesoft Solutions for any website design project you have. "