Project Project
Customer: Whalen Consulting, Inc.
Project: Producer - Application Framework
Type: Windows Application

Project Business Problem
Whalen Consulting had customers in different business segments that shared similar needs. They required a system to track personnel information, based on a highly flexible security model with extreme organizational flexibility and a very powerful user security module that would inhibit menu options, screens, reports, and field-level permissions.

Solution Solution
After gathering substantial information about the various requirements, ASI developed a strategy to collect and implement ‘Data Restrictions’, ‘Data Restriction Tests’, and other generic methods of handling possible requirements. The design relied upon Microsoft’s Transact SQL to allow ultimate flexibility and power. The system was developed using Visual Studio (C#) and Microsoft SQL Server.
Results Results
Although abstract in design, the resulting system proved powerful, flexible, and offered excellent performance. Whalen Consulting has successfully implemented the system at multiple customer sites, and has plans for further expansion.

Tools: Microsoft Visual C#; Microsoft SQL Server

Feedback Customer Feedback
Tim Whalen, Whalen Consulting, President

"One of the main problems with many businesses is that they are not flexible and anxious to accommodate the client’s needs if they don’t narrowly fit within the core competency of the business. While it is very important to distinguish core competency from things which are not, it is also wonderful that a company like Ablesoft can expand the definition of what they do, thereby accommodating the client. This really gets down to attitude, and is one of the great strengths of ASI. Attitude is a tired, overused, trivialized word, but it remains as important today as ever. ASI has handled some very difficult, very complex tasks extremely competently. This is rare for software developers, despite what one may think. Most software development companies are limited in the complexity of their skill sets. ASI has excellent management. To me, excellent management is the ability to communicate objectively what works and doesn’t. Poor management is unable to hear well."