Project Project
Customer: Swedish American Health System
Project: Quality Management System
Type: Windows Application

Project Business Problem
Swedish American Health Systems wanted to expand their already aggressive Quality Department, using technology and automation to analyze physician performance and customer feedback. Their existing Microsoft Access based system proved difficult to manage as the system requirements and number of clinics increased. Resources that could have been spent analyzing the data and affecting business decisions, were spent managing the process.

Solution Solution
Swedish American approached ASI for support on an existing Microsoft Access application. After some initial discussions, it was recommended that a central repository be used to manage the clinic-wide data, rather than the distributed model in place. ASI designed and developed a SQL Server database and Microsoft Access front-end application to facilitate the creation, distribution, and data collection related to surveys. Additionally, they implemented a Physician Metrics program that allowed for comprehensive analysis of Physician performance, in several key areas.
Results Results
The solution developed was highly effective and yet very flexible. With the powerful survey management system, Swedish American can develop a new survey, deploy it to select clinics, monitor progress and compliance, and analyze the results. When Clinics log in, they are notified that they have surveys to complete. Data entry screens automatically accommodate the new surveys, and various ‘canned’ reports are immediately available to analyze survey results. Physician metrics allow the Swedish American Quality Department to analyze Physician performance in key areas. Although successfully deployed, a project is under way to extensively expand these metrics. A flexible approach is being implemented that will allow for the expansion to include new metrics, without program intervention or additional costs.

Tools: Microsoft Visual Basic.NET; Microsoft SQL Server.

Feedback Customer Feedback
Albert Ferrabone, MSO Quality Manager:

"Great innovation and overall performance of the application. Great customer service in answering questions and concerns. ASI is particularly strong in applying programming solutions to complex problems. Many of these solutions are novel, and prompt the customer to consider new ways of thinking... On the whole, ASI has been an exceptional business partner. Their acumen with computer technology has helped us achieve significant goals. I'm looking forward to working with ASI on new initiatives to enhance our quality management program."