Project Project
Customer: Publishers Data Management Group
Project: PDMG Website Upgrade
Type: Web System

Project Business Problem
PDMG had a web presence, but was not satisfied with it in its current state. The site required a fresh new look, which included updating the content to more accurately reflect their organization. PDMG also requested automation of certain features, to give them the ability to update content quickly and easily. Additionally, they wanted the site to be a top performer in popular search engines.

Solution Solution
ASI worked with the PDMG staff to design and construct a website with an upgraded and fresh new look. A web-based application was developed, providing PDMG the capability to update their own content, such as the latest news, testimonials, and business partner’s pages. ASI designed a feature that gives customers (visiting the PDMG website) an option to fill out an on-line fulfillment questionnaire. This procedure more accurately assists both customers, and the PDMG staff, by supporting an on-line quoting process. The site was moved to a secure production environment for hosting. Search engine optimization was realized.
Results Results
The website upgrade and web-based system was highly successful and is currently utilized by several PDMG staff members. The resulting system has given PDMG a website that more accurately reflects their organization. The automated features have provided PDMG a way to support content updates quickly and efficiently while providing the support of an on-line quoting process. These features will also cut down on future maintenance costs for PDMG.

Tools: SQL Server, ASP.Net

Feedback Customer Feedback
Bill Coffman

"Publishers Data Management Group is very pleased with the new Web Site that Ablesoft recommended and built. Plus, the flexibility to quickly make our own changes when we introduce new products and services means we're in control. Our old web site greatly needed upgrading so we can attract today's buyer. PDMG's old site was lost on the back pages of most search engines. Now, when someone is looking for magazine fulfillment or database management, PDMG is front and center, and we have a web site that can attract our market audience. "