Project Project
Customer: Monsanto
Project: Breeder Management Database
Type: Web System

Project Business Problem
Each year, Monsanto’s breeders select the pedigrees that they will grow, based on data provided for each inbred. This information was not consistently shared or managed, too often resulting in a few pedigrees being grown by many breeders, and many pedigrees not being grown at all.

Solution Solution
Monsanto commissioned ASI to create a web-based application, allowing breeders to track their programs online, as well as providing notification if other breeders were selecting the same pedigree. Additionally, once the pedigrees are planted, the system enables breeders to enter relevant information regarding each pedigree’s progress and advancement.
Results Results
This solution allows breeders to have greater control over what they plant, by giving them access to all relevant information. They can view historical data for previous seasons, which enables them to track pedigree progress. Storing the breeder data in a central database also gives Monsanto the ability to view multiple breeders’ programs concurrently, thereby utilizing that data for more effective decision-making.

Tools: Microsoft ASP.NET; Microsoft SQL Server