Project Project
Customer: Bauer Detasseling
Project: Bauer Detasseling Website
Type: Web System

Project Business Problem
Bauer Detasseling would like to provide web based information online for applicants, employees, and parents. Additionally, they are interested in improving procedures related to processing applicants, managing the daily workforce, and providing pay and tax information to their accountant.

Solution Solution
ASI worked with Bauer Detasseling to develop a custom website design with a back-end web-based application to both cut the applicants’ process time and to inform their applicants and workers more efficiently and effectively throughout the detasseling season. Additionally, an accounting solution was established to eliminate hard copy delivery.
Results Results
As a result of Bauer Detasseling implementing ASI’s custom solutions, the Bauer administration was able to save vast amounts of time through enabling its applicants the ability to download instructions, tax forms, and additional necessary information all via their website. Along with saving time and becoming more organized with applications, Bauer Detassling was able to substantially increase their capabilities on informing their applicants by means of automatically distributed texts and emails. Post-season support was improved by enabling staff to export information from excel and email this information to the accountant eliminating the need to deliver and enter hard copies.

Tools: SQL Server, ASP.Net

Feedback Customer Feedback
Nick Bauer

"I was extremely pleased with the help we received from Michelle and Justin. The website and app have cut back on many endless nights both before season, and during season."