Project Project
Customer: Medical College of Wisconsin
Project: Methadone Database Support
Type: Windows Application

Project Business Problem
The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) was conducting a Methadone Pharmacogenomics Study that required data to be collected from various locations across North America. Although they had Microsoft Access experience, they sought help in architecting a solution that would be effective in a distributed format that would support the reintegration and analysis of the data.

Solution Solution
ASI reworked MCW's initial database design to better support their need to distribute and reintegrate their database. Conversion routines were coded to bridge between old and new systems. Integration routines were built to merge distributed data into one comprehensive database that included effective searching and filtering tools.
Results Results
The database was successfully deployed to multiple locations for data collection throughout North America. After months of data collection, databases were brought together and quickly integrated into one analysis database. ASI added import logs to support verification of import results. The initial system design was a key proponent to quick implementation of the highly cost-effective system.

Tools: Microsoft Access

Feedback Customer Feedback
Steven Wong, Professor of Pathology, Medical College of Wisconsin

"For project feedback, please contact Dr. Steven H. Wong using the 'Customer Inquiries' link, above."