Project Project
Customer: Oregon High School
Type: Web System

Project Business Problem
Oregon High School (OHS) wanted to provide outstanding websites that would promote their teams and activities to the community. Many of the available solutions were complex, incomplete, or riddled with ads, giving team sites a cheap billboard feel. Concerns included minimizing impact on an already taxed Activities Director (AD), and allowing coaches to assign editor and correspondent abilities to supportive parents.

Solution Solution
After considering the needs of the AD, coaches, parents, players and fans, ASI built “”, a team-based website that supports all of OHS' needs. The site was developed to provide the flexibility needed to minimize AD and coach impact, and was developed, implemented, supported, and hosted without cost to the school or community. Additionally, ASI added a mechanism by which the school generates revenue through photo sales.
Results Results
OHS now uses W3Teams to store all of its team and club based sites. OHS has accumulated over 35 teams at the High School level, as well as Junior High teams. Coaches have been pleased with the support and parental involvement, and all have enjoyed the ease of use. OHS team pages have become a source of pride for OHS and the community.

Tools: ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, HTTPS, CSS, Amazon S3

Feedback Customer Feedback
Kip Crandall, Oregon High School A.D.

"This past year, Oregon High School utilized W3Teams to showcase its various athletic and activity programs as a part of its district website. As a busy administrator, I was amazed by the limited amount of time I spent managing our sites with the use of W3Teams. The set-up is designed to provide layered tiers of access, allowing myself and coaches to easily delegate the bulk of the site management duties to eager parents and/or fans. I received many phone calls from parents, thanking us for providing such a wonderful resource to follow their child’s extracurricular activities. As an added bonus, our schools will also receive a portion of all photo sales generated by the use of W3Teams. I can’t thank Noel Bruns and his staff enough for introducing Oregon High School to W3Teams." "