Project Project
Customer: American Credit Systems, Inc.
Project: American Credit Web System
Type: Web System

Project Business Problem
American Credit provides commercial collection and accounts receivable services for their customers. In addition to requiring some finishing touches on their Microsoft Access based customer management system, American Credit sought to add a web-based system, capable of sharing account data with clients and Sales Reps, and ensuring secure account access restricted solely to account owners.

Solution Solution
In addition to working with American Credit to identify and resolve issues with their existing Microsoft Access based client management application, ASI developed and implemented a secure, web-based service that allows customers and employees to monitor account status online.
Results Results
By partnering with ASI, American Credit expanded its customer services to include online access for account status information, resulting in substantially improved customer resources, as well as reducing support required for phone and email inquiries.

Tools: Visual Studio.NET; Microsoft Access

Feedback Customer Feedback
Mitchell T. Hallett, Vice President

"Our project wasn’t hard, but after talking with a few other companies about how they would handle the project, you would have thought American Credit Systems, Inc. was trying to reinvent the Internet. When I called ASI to explain the project, I received a response that kind of surprised me: “No problem, we can do that.” Now that the project is complete and working very well, I would tell anyone who has a website or software need to call Ablesoft and ask for Noel. They “can do that”, and they do it very well."