Project Project
Customer: Christian Investment Consultants
Project: Financial Analysis Excel Macro
Type: Windows Application

Project Business Problem
Christian Investment Consultants (CIC) utilized a Microsoft Excel workbook, containing complex formulas, to support the analysis of financial returns. Though effective, the process of applying the formulas to new data was manually intensive, with a high risk of errors. Automating the application by adding a Macro to the workbook would streamline the entire procedure.

Solution Solution
Ablesoft Solutions, Inc. (ASI) worked with CIC to define and refine the spreadsheet requirements. The macro was programmed, tested, and modified, until it satisfied all requirements.
Results Results
The custom user-defined macros were configured by ASI, allowing CIC to apply complex financial analysis rules easily and with consistent accuracy.

Tools: Microsoft Excel

Feedback Customer Feedback

"We are very pleased with the service and results, and look forward to working with Ablesoft Solutions again."