Project Project
Customer: Vinita Patel
Project: Financial Data Edit Website
Type: Web System

Project Business Problem
Financial information needed to be collected and validated for hundreds of school districts nationwide. Given the extensive nature of the school district user base, it was imperative that the system be dynamic, in order to correctly prompt the user for only the required information for each district. Additionally, the system needed to be easy to use, with little or no training required.

Solution Solution
Based on the needs of the client, ASI constructed an easy to use password-protected site that dynamically displays the relevant cost categories and data entry fields to system users. Extensive validation and logging were built into the system to ensure data integrity. All information is available for administrative users to download into Excel.
Results Results
Operating under a tight deadline, ASI created the requested system, allowing clients to easily enter required financial information and validate the data. In addition, the users are able to certify their entries before a final submission. Reports are available to administrative personnel in order to review certified user input.

Tools: ASP.NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008

Feedback Customer Feedback
Vinita Patel

"From the start of the project, I have been very impressed with the quality of service I received from ASI. Their attention to detail is evident, from the requirement gathering stage, all the way to the final rollout of the application. The whole staff is 100% professional and courteous. They make working with them truly a pleasure."