Project Project
Customer: TRD, Inc.
Project: TRD Inventory Control System
Type: Handheld Application

Project Business Problem
TRD's existing inventory solution was manual and prone to errors. They needed a way to consistently and easily manage inventory, including ordering, assembly, and detection of “low order points” for re-ordering.

Solution Solution
ASI built a Windows CE system to run on handheld devices, managing all aspects of the inventory process. Handheld devices scan in the information relating to parts. The application can log in the arrival of parts to the warehouse, merchandise stocked on the shelves, and parts usage at various stages of assembly.
Results Results
TRD is now able to easily see where to locate a particular part in its warehouse, when the part is used for assembly, and when it needs to be reordered. The data collected from the handhelds are stored in a local database that a complementary Windows system uses for reporting.

Tools: Windows CE, SQL Server

Feedback Customer Feedback
Kerry Reinhardt, Vice President of Operations, TRD, Inc.

"It is a pleasure working with Ablesoft. We have achieved a process that fits our needs with the support we demand. Ablesoft helped us go beyond our expectations."