Project Project
Customer: Ablesoft Solutions, Inc.
Project: ASI Project Management System
Type: Windows Application

Project Business Problem
ASI started with a home-grown project management system to track opportunities and projects. This system met the basic needs; however, ASI was not taking full advantage of its opportunities and information. Quote formats were inconsistent; content and quality depended on who authored the quote. Project financial data from the accounting system, critical to project monitoring, was not readily available. Web-based project profiles and news releases were not convenient to update, and were often out of date. ASI also had an extensive customer and project history that was not being utilized in maintaining customer relationships.

Solution Solution
ASI created and applied a selection of stock feature descriptions for use in quotes, and integrated quote results into a Microsoft Word template, giving consistently professional quotes, regardless of the author. To add project financial data, ASI created a QuickBooks import routine that updates projects along with invoice and payment information, giving integrated project and financial information. ASI’s website was integrated with its production website, allowing instant automation of project profile updates and ASI news releases. Finally, to improve customer relationships, a monitoring component was added that assigned a rep to each customer, and established regular contact monitoring.
Results Results
The results have been outstanding. Our quotes are of a consistently high quality, and are quick and easy to produce, regardless of the author. Our project monitoring now includes critical accounting information necessary to capture budget trends in a timely manner. Our website is now quickly and easily updated with project and news information, keeping our site current and relevant. Finally, our customer relationships have improved, landing us more business, as scheduled client contacts have been integrated with our staff's weekly status reports. These changes have been a wonderful improvement in the way we do business, for us, as well as for our customers.

Tools: Microsoft Visual Basic.NET; Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft ASP.NET; Microsoft Word; Microsoft Excel; Intuit QuickBooks.

Feedback Customer Feedback
Noel Bruns, President- ASI

"Warning: This is an internal project, and as president of ASI, anything I say is subject to bias. Having said that, this project has made me a true believer in how intelligent business systems and automation can make dramatic improvements in how one does business. These upgrades have benefitted nearly every aspect of our business - from marketing (automated website updates), to quotes (canned language and Word exports), to project monitoring (invoice/payment imports), and customer follow-ups (regular customer contacts). They have not just improved our business processes; they have improved who we are as a company."