Project Project
Customer: Ablesoft Solutions, Inc.
Project: ASI Reaches Midwest and Beyond
Type: Search Engine Placement

Project Business Problem
Custom software development is a very competitive field. Standard advertising options are expensive, often ineffective, and are somewhat “old school” for high tech industries. ASI wanted to reach new customers in the environment we call home - the Web. The existing site was doing OK in various search engines, but we sought to be among the top sites in our field.

Solution Solution
We took an introspective look, and identified key areas that were important to us. We conducted a market analysis, identifying key competitors and target customers. Using this newfound information and our knowledge of search engine strategies, we upgraded our website to maximize search engine performance.
Results Results
The placement of ASI has been extremely successful. ASI scores a #1 ranking in major search engines, using "Custom Software Developer Rockford", and a first-page ranking, with a similar search, for "Chicago".

Tools: Interview, Link Analysis, Competitor Analysis and Meta Data Analysis Tools.

Feedback Customer Feedback
Noel Bruns, President, Ablesoft Solutions, Inc.

"We developed our search engine placement strategies for ourselves, initially. Our outstanding success with our own site caused us to expand our skills and promote the service to our customers. We've continually monitored the process and the results and remain highly effective, today. This is a service we promote with confidence, as we continually tune it for high performance."