Project Project
Customer: It's Your Serve Inc.
Project: It's Your Serve Tops the Competition
Type: Search Engine Placement

Project Business Problem
It's Your Serve (IYS) is a Chicago area process server company, specializing in rush process/clerking services. Though IYS is geographically bound to process serving in the Chicago area, its customers may be located around the world. IYS wanted to promote their services to these potential customers.

Solution Solution
After contracting with ASI to build their data driven website, IYS sought to enhance their service on the web to reach a nationwide customer base. Phone interviews were utilized to identify key competitors and target customers. ASI upgraded the site to display completed results.
Results Results
It's Your Serve's site ranks #1 with all the major search engines for customers conducting searches containing: Chicago; Illinois Process Servers; Service of Process in Illinois.

Tools: Interview, Link Analysis, Competitor Analysis and Meta Data Analysis Tools.