Project Project
Customer: Monsanto
Project: Globalize COGS
Type: Web System

Project Business Problem
Based on a number of factors such as yield, pollen, and projected cost to bring to market, it is up to Monsanto’s global employees to make the decision regarding which seed(s) to produce. Each region throughout the world had its own manual system for making decisions based on relevant factors. While there are some differences, much of the basic criteria for decision-making is the same.

Solution Solution
Monsanto’s new project was based on a previous design by ASI, which calculated Monsanto’s US cost of goods. ASI developed a system, allowing regions from around the world, to quickly and effectively calculate the projected cost of goods for any given seed. The new system is highly customized to allow for regional differences and ever-changing needs.
Results Results
The resulting application is modular in nature, allowing additions to the calculator with minimal programming. By automating a process that was previously manual, Monsanto personnel have been able to calculate costs in a matter of minutes, as opposed to the old system, where the calculations could take hours. Manual data entry errors have been eliminated, and data is now able to be shared and accessed worldwide, resulting in a huge degree of confidence and comparability.

Tools: Active Server Pages (ASP); Microsoft SQL Server

Feedback Customer Feedback

"Monsanto has a very large IT department that handles big-hitting projects for our business, but my relatively small group found that our needs were often deferred or delayed as priorities shifted in our global business. Outsourcing our projects with ASI has been a great solution for us. ASI’s programmers do a fast, cost-effective, and high-quality job. They work closely with our scientists around the world to make sure that their applications suit our business needs, and are always up for new challenges as those needs change."

Jennifer L. Umphress, Ph.D.
Global Parent Test Lead, Monsanto Seed Manufacturing"