Project Project
Customer: Prairie Grove Farms
Project: Feed Accounting System
Type: Windows Application

Project Business Problem
Prairie Grove Farms’ animals are "bred for quality and fed for health". As a producer of high quality pork products, a critical factor in their operation is the control and management of highly nutritious feed that’s free of antibiotics and artificial growth stimulants. As feed is a primary expense that contributes substantially to the quality of the product, PGF wanted to better manage feed information, improving product quality, while reducing expenses.

Solution Solution
ASI worked with PGF personnel to design and develop an accounting system that tracked feed recipes, consumption, ingredient inventories, and ingredient purchases. Main deliverables included cost and usage analysis reports, as well as a reconciliation function that would allow them to balance and allocate costs at month end.
Results Results
The resulting system was easy to use, met all of the design requirements, provided good performance, and added substantial benefit to a formerly frustrating reconciliation process. Identification of out-of-balance conditions was simplified, and it’s now easy to identify and display suspect transactions, resulting in quick month end close-outs.

Tools: Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server

Feedback Customer Feedback
Robert Griswold: Comptroller

"I was extremely satisfied with the system that was delivered and with all elements of its implementation. Working with Noel was a very positive experience."