Project Project
Customer: RC Dyno Systems
Project: Engine Performance Measurement System
Type: Windows Application

Project Business Problem
Mike Stickels saw a niche in the radio-control (RC) market: to provide tests and measurement equipment for RC cars. The existing tweak and drive method proved time consuming and inaccurate. As such, he designed and manufactured a tabletop device to test RC car performance (website). Mike had the engineering experience to develop formulas to calculate horsepower and M.P.H. based on RPM, car size, drive wheels, and flywheels. He did not, however, have a mechanism to collect the data, apply the formulas, and produce the comparison charts.

Solution Solution
Mike contacted ASI to develop software to extract real-time test data and load the results into Excel spreadsheets. The system was designed to support multiple cars and multiple tests, per car. Users could compare results between cars and between multiple tests of the same car.
Results Results
The resulting application proved user-friendly, accurate, and dependable. The application is deployed with each machine, and has a solid track record.

Tools: Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Excel VBA

Feedback Customer Feedback
Mike Stickels, President, RC Dyno Systems

"I believe Ablesoft Solutions’ biggest asset is their ability to sift through mounds of random thoughts and ideas generated during the initial concept phase and to put together a solid foundation of thinking, which the end product could be built upon. Ablesoft Solutions always kept my budgetary needs in the forefront. They were quick to suggest possible alternative methods in shortening the projects development time. Noel and his staff of engineers always make me feel welcome when visiting their facility. Whenever business brings me to Ablesoft Solutions, I’m comforted in knowing I will be treated like one of the family and not just another customer to be interrupted by. In my opinion, Noel and his engineering staff are exceptionally talented in all areas of the software development world. My experience was positively satisfying in all respects! For the small budget that was available on this project, I couldn’t be any happier with the completed software product I am now using!"