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ASI has experience with a variety of different types of business systems and has worked with clients in many different trades. These clients include major manufacturing corporations, major medical facilities, publishers, and professional associations. Below you will find details on some of Ablesoft's many successful projects.

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Web Systems Web Systems

Parts Management System
HMC Products, Inc.
HMC needed to replace their existing website, and upgrade their back-end on-line Parts Ordering System.
PDMG Website Upgrade
Publishers Data Management Group
ASI worked with PDMG to develop and implement a web-based application, enabling PDMG to control their own website content and manage on-line information, customized for their on-line quoting process.
Bauer Detasseling Website
Bauer Detasseling
Bauer Detasseling provides detasseling services. ASI developed a custom web application to process their applicants throughout the detasseling season.
Globalize COGS
Monsanto contacted ASI to design a system that would enable Monsanto’s global employees to make quick and educated calculations for the cost of seed production, based on trial seed data.
American Credit Web System
American Credit Systems, Inc.
American Credit Systems, specializing in commercial collections and accounts receivable, commissioned ASI to develop a cost-effective website to share account information with clients and staff.
Financial Data Edit Website
Vinita Patel
ASI created a password-protected website, enabling school districts to collect and validate financial data.
Reverse 911 Registration Website
Ogle County Sheriff
The Ogle County Sheriff’s Office contracted with ASI to develop and institute a registration site, allowing county residents to update their Reverse 911 contact information.
Oregon High School
Oregon High School wanted to provide web-based content for their athletics and activities, but found team-based sites cumbersome, inflexible, and difficult. ASI provided an effective solution.
Subscription Management Service
Publishers Data Management Group
ASI helped PDMG build a highly customized subscription web service. PDMG can then share this service with their publisher-based clients, enabling a web-based service for subscription maintenance.
Breeder Management Database
Monsanto needed a centralized location for breeders around the world to track their programs and view other programs from different breeders.

Windows Applications Windows Applications

Administration System
Pine Noel Resort
Pine Noel, a cabin resort in Wisconsin, requested ASI update their obsolete web-based administration system.
Monument Management System
Midwest Monuments
ASI worked with Midwest Monument to replace their Excel-based job system with a Windows system that additionally included QuickBooks integration and status text messages for customers.
Quote and Project Tracking
TRD, Inc.
TRD Manufacturing requested that ASI produce a comprehensive system for order and inventory management.
Engine Performance Measurement System
RC Dyno Systems
ASI worked with RC Dyno Systems to develop software to manage and chart real-time testing of radio-controlled cars.
Quality Management System
Swedish American Health System
ASI used Microsoft VB.NET and SQL Server to integrate quality functions from several networked clinics. The system includes customer and staff surveys, metric testing, and phone call monitoring.
Producer - Application Framework
Whalen Consulting, Inc.
Whalen Consulting desired a framework for navigating and managing complex data. ASI applied C#.NET and SQL Solution to multiple applications, promoting quality and consistency.
Prometric Data Exchange System
The IAHCSMM organization provides Prometric testing services for its members. ASI worked with the staff to help convert data transfer formats, while maintaining Prometric compliance.
Feed Accounting System
Prairie Grove Farms
Prairie Grove Farms (PGF) is a producer of high quality pork products. PGF required an accounting system that would accurately manage and monitor their highly nutritious feed process.
Label Management System
Primary School Supply
Primary School Supply required a flexible data import and label creation system to facilitate the labeling of student materials that are included in their School Tool Box products.
Methadone Database Support
Medical College of Wisconsin
ASI worked with the Medical College of Wisconsin to utilize a Microsoft Access database for a Methadone Pharmacogenomics Study that required data collection from locations throughout North America.
ASI Project Management System
Ablesoft Solutions, Inc.
ASI’s project management system required significant updating. Many new features were added, including contact management, quote creation, projects and news website updates, and QuickBooks imports.
Financial Analysis Excel Macro
Christian Investment Consultants
Christian Investment Consultants contacted ASI to create a Microsoft Excel Macro program to streamline and facilitate complex financial data spreadsheets.

Handheld Applications Handheld Applications

TRD Inventory Control System
TRD, Inc.
This handheld system, which integrates with a Windows system developed by ASI, allows TRD to manage the complete inventory lifecycle for all parts.
Job Labor Connect
Information Controls
Information Controls needed a handheld attendance system for their clients to track hours spent on particular jobs, for specific employees.
Note Collection System
ASI constructed a Windows CE-based solution to simplify notes tracking for Monsanto. Monsanto employees use this handheld device system for taking notes while walking the fields.

Websites Websites

Web Site Upgrade
Village of Shabbona
ASI updated the Village of Shabbona web site in order to provide a better image of the picturesque village and provide residents pertinent information about local events.
Go Waste Recycling Website
Go Waste Recycling
Go Waste Recycling is a waste management company, located in Peoria, Arizona. ASI was requested to quickly develop an informative website.
Ecommerce Website
PenelliBelle, Inc.
PennelliBelle, a Wedding Wire Couple Choice award winner, creates custom bridal jewelry in Cortland, IL. ASI worked in collaboration with PennelliBelle to develop an ecommerce site.
Silver Website Model
GT Flow Technology, Inc.
GT Flow Tech supplies replacement parts for papermaking machinery worldwide. ASI was approached to update their existing website with a Silver Website Model.
Website Models
GW Interiors
Interiors by GW (GW) is an established interior design firm. GW selected one of ASI’s popular design models to promote their residential, healthcare, and commercial services, online.
Website Development and SEO
Clean Curls
Clean Curls, Inc, a newly opened, kid- friendly, head lice removal salon in Saint Charles, Illinois, contacted ASI to create a memorable logo, as well as provide an online image to introduce their sal
Pine Noel Website Upgrade
Pine Noel Resort
The owners of Pine Noel Resort requested ASI to update the look of their website. Located in Mercer, Wisconsin, Pine Noel Resort offers five cabins on Grand Portage Lake.
Big John USA Website Upgrade
Big John
Big John a portable toilet rental service, located in Polo, IL requested ASI to update the look of their website.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Big John USA Expands Sales
Big John Portable Toilet Rental
ASI's search engine optimization helped Big John USA, a portable toilet rental service, located in Polo, IL and North Dakota, expand sales.
SeaSpecs Sales Go Global
Florida based SeaSpecs makes specialized surfing sunglasses. Our search engine optimization helped them expand sales, from local shops, to customers around the world.
It's Your Serve Tops the Competition
It's Your Serve Inc.
It's Your Serve (IYS) is a Chicago based process server. ASI’s search engine optimization helped IYS to market their services to law firms and government agencies nationwide.
Vacationers Discover Pine Noel Resort
Pine Noel Resort
Pine Noel Resort is a five cabin resort located in Mercer, Wisconsin. With the help of ASI’s search engine optimization, Pine Noel was able to increase its customer base and cabin rentals.
ASI Reaches Midwest and Beyond
Ablesoft Solutions, Inc.
Ablesoft Solutions, Inc (ASI), specializing in custom software development, utilized its own search engine expertise, expanding ASI's customer base, and the company’s web potential.